Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Therapy

Hair follicle restoration is aimed at stimulating damaged or unhealthy follicles on the scalp for thinning or balding hair. It is also used for beard growth in men who suffer from poor growth or patches. It works by promoting optimal hair follicle regeneration to optimize hair growth and quality.

​This is a no down time treatment that requires no surgery with no adverse effects!

​The Benefits Of Hair Loss Restoration

  • Optimal hair health
  • Increased hair growth
  • Improved hair strength and quality
  • Improved hair follicle health
  • Thicker hair
  • Improved beard quality

The Entire Process

A small blood draw is done in clinic for the purpose of extracting the platelets to be used and re-injected. The area is cleansed with our Teoxane Cleanser to remove any impurities on the scalp or in the hair. Once the area has been cleaned, a topical anesthetic and ice is applied to make sure the treatment is relaxing and pain free.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

It is recommended for most patients to receive a series of 3 treatments spaced one month apart to achieve optimal results.

​When Will I see Results?

Results will be seen over a period of 6 months. Remember, hair takes time to grow. As beards tend to grow more quickly, these areas may see results more quickly.

​What does it feel like?

The treatment should be comfortable. Most patients feel very little from the topical ice packs. There may be a mild poke every now and then.

​Nearing the end of the treatment, the skin may start to feel tighter from the treatment.

​What To Expect After The Treatment?

Right after the treatment, the skin will feel tight and may feel warm. There will also be a mild pink glow to the skin that will remain for 24-48 hours. Depending on how fast your body heals will determine how fast the pink glow will reduce. Some patient also experience some light flaking of the skin between 48-72 hours after the treatment. Once the pink glow and flaking goes away, the new glowing skin will appear.

​The scalp may feel tender to touch for the next 48-72 hours post hair restoration therapy.

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