Medical Grade Skin Treatment

Looking to upgrade your skin and remove the external signs of wear and tear? A chemical peel helps by removing the top layer of dead skin and debris to reveal beautiful glowing skin. Great for helping to reducing acne scars, redness, and even spots of hyper pigmentation. It’s best to book your appointments 4-6 weeks from the last to ensure you are giving your skin enough time to fully heal between treatments.

What To Expect

Chemical peels involve medical grades acids which can have a “spicy” feel during the treatment. Depending on the goals, the strength of the peel can be increased. This is important to discuss with your provider to ensure you are both on the same page in terms of treatment goals and strength. The treatment should not hurt. It will feel warm.

What To Expect After

After your treatment, your skin will be sensitive to the sun so make sure you are not exposing your face to the direct sunlight. Cool breezes will feel great. The treated area will be red for 48-72 hours after the treatment. Between the 48-72 hour mark, your skin will begin to flake and the dead skin will naturally start to shed. This is where you may use a mild exfoliator to gently remove the excess dead skin from your face. Do not use an aggressive exfoliator as this may damage the new layer of skin.

When To Book Your Next Appointment

Appoints should be booked 6 weeks apart. During your first appointment, your provider will go through the proper treatment protocol with you to ensure you achieve the best results. Book a complimentary consult with our medical aestheticians and nurses to see if this treatment is right for your skin goals.

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