Experience The Power Of IV Drip Therapy- Rejuvenate & Regenerate

The IV Drip Lounge at The Helix Clinic is a rejuvenation center in Kelowna BC utilizing liquid vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal therapeutic results. IV therapy is an amazing treatment option that can help boost the system and get you back on your feet. Our IV doctors believe that customized vitamin drips are an important part of optimizing patient health.

So How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV therapy involves the delivery of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals right into the blood stream for maximized absorption. This allows patients to obtain blood concentrations far above what can be achieved with oral (supplement) administration and skips the digestive track completely. You can also supercharge specific

An IV is a great way to give your body a boost with the vitamins and minerals you may not be getting from your diet. It is also a great option for those who struggle to consistently take their supplements.

At Helix we have a designated IV suite where you can come on your own, or with friends, to enjoy a customized IV drip. Choose to relax in our plush reclining chairs for the 30-60 minute drip or catch up on emails with our free WIFI.

Feeling run down but don’t have time for an IV? Not a problem, ask us about an IM injection instead! We have formulations similar to our various IVs, just in a lower dose. These can be done in a quick 5 minute appointment or added on to any other Helix treatment.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should consider IV infusions.

Reason 1- It’s a relaxing way to recharge

Most people find that IV drips are relaxing and enjoyable. It’s give you time to sit back and relax all while doing something positive for your health. De-stress, relax in a comfortable chair and watch TV.

Reason 2- IV’s help to re-hydrate the body

The average person needs roughly 3 L’s of water daily. Unfortunately, not many people are reaching this and aren’t even getting close. IV’s are a great way to help add much needed hydration to the system. Hydration helps the skin, cells, and everyone function in the body. Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water so it makes sense that getting hydrated through IV therapy will benefit the system.

Reason 3- Get healthy with friends

MGetting healthy can be difficult, but its been proven that being accountable helps to achieve goals. IV drips can be a great way to achieve better health with friends and family. Customise your vitamin drip to reach your health.

Reason 4- IV Vitamins straight to the source

Skipping the digestive system has many advantages, mainly you don’t have to worry about any absorption issues. For those that have difficult with digestion, IV therapy can be an effective way to replenish nutrients that your body might not be fully absorbing. Skip the GI tract and get vitamins and minerals right into the system for immediate use.

Reason 5- You may not be getting enough nutrients from your food

The foods we purchase from the grocery stores may not be as nutrient rich as we would like or hope. Supplements and IV’s are a great alternative to nutrient depleted foods or for diets that aren’t the best, Getting a boost in vitamins is a great option if you aren’t receiving the appropriate minerals and vitamins from the regular sources.

Reason 6- Achieve your peak performance

Elevated performance is achieved through proper nutrition intake and

Reason 7- Detoxify the body All IV’s are built around a saline bag.

This simple bag helps to flush the body and clearing additional toxins that may be built up in the body.

Reason 8- High dose Vitamin C IV for cellular support

Vitamin C has been used for many things over the years and is considered an antioxidant nutrient for the body​ and is also an essential nutrient in the electron transport chain that is responsible for energy production.

Reason 9- It can be used to replace most of your supplements

With the amount of supplements everyone is on, wouldn’t it be nice to not need to take quite so many. Now there are a few things that an IV can’t deliver, but for most vitamins it is possible. Get an IV schedule to keep your levels peak and forget about the breakfast amount of pills.

Reason 10- It may be covered by your extended benefits

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