PDO Thread Lift

PDO Threading is a new aesthetic technique that helps to fight the signs of ageing through a lifting structure. It’s often referred to as the “non surgical face lift” as there are no surgical incisions required and no downtime.

​The PDO thread lift provides a safe and efficient method of “lifting” the face, neck and other areas of the body to help turn back the effects of time. Depending on the goals and the areas being treated, different types of threads are used. Finer threads can be used to provide minor lifting and scaffolding to an area (neck, back of hands, crows feet). Thicker threads are used to help lift skin and to provide a firm hold (cheeks, butt, knee, and more). Let one of Kelowna’s top aesthetic clinics help you achieve your anti-ageing goals with the PDO thread lift.

What Is The Process?

Threads are inserted under the skin using a blunt ended cannula or needle (all under local anaesthetic). Once the threads are firmly in the place, depending on the goals, the threads can be tightened to enhance the lifting effect of the product.

How Long Does It Last?

The threads will stay within the skin for up to 6 months helping to support before they dissolve and are absorbed. While the threads are dissolving, the body is producing collagen that will support the results provided by the pdo thread lift treatment for up to two years.

Do PDO Threads Help With Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

While threads may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it really depends on the area. Smooth threads are a better option for small areas such as forehead wrinkles or eye wrinkles while larger threads are used for a greater lifting effect. Generally, the thread lift is seen in the mid face and lower face to help sharpen the jawline or lift the jowls and marionette lines.

Do Threads Produce Collagen?

Threads do stimulate natural collagen production around the treated area which helps increase volume and overall tone and texture to the area. This will occur over a period of months and helps to stabilize the results once the threads are fully dissolved.

How Long Are The Appointments?

We block an hour off for each appointment to give enough time to review the goals, the treatment, and to allow the anaesthetics to take effect. There is an option for a brief consult to review the treatment at our Kelowna clinic before the treatment day.


Do Not Exercise After A PDO Thread Lift

It takes 14 days after your treatment for the PDO threads to set before it is safe to get back to your exercise routine. You are still able to walk and do low level impact activity but avoid going to the gym, heavy cardio, or HIIT training for the suggested length of time. Give the PDO threads time to set in place for the best results.

Avoid Certain Vitamins And Medications After Your PDO Thread Lift

As with many other aesthetic treatments, you want to avoid any supplements or medications (unless your doctor has told you otherwise) that will thin your blood. Blood thinning medications/supplements include NSAIDs, MAOIs, Vitamins A, C, E, and fish oil. Blood thinning properties will increase the risk of bruising post treatment.

You Must Have A Follow Up Appointment

At our Kelowna Clinic, we encourage a follow up appointment after your PDO thread lift. This gives us an opportunity to review any questions, check results, and discuss the follow up requirements to maintain the results.

Don’t Consume Alcohol Before Your Treatment

Three days before your appointment, do no consume any alcohol as this will cause thinning in the blood leading to an increase risk in bruising. It also flushes out vitamins and minerals which are needed to build new collagen in the skin.

You Must Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Over the next 7-10 days after your PDO thread lift, avoid large fluctuation in body temperatures such as saunas and freezers.

Wait To Have Any Other Treatments

After your PDO thread treatment, you need to wait before undergoing any other anti-aging treatment. Most treatments such as microneedling, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or dermal filler should be done before your thread lift or two weeks after. For treatments such as IPL or radio frequency, it is best to wait 10 weeks after your thread lift.

The Rules Around Washing Your Face After Treatment

Good news, you can wash your face right away. However, do not rub or massage the treated area for two weeks after the treatment. Vigorous rubbing is a no go for PDO thread lift post care.

Reschedule Any Dental Appointments Or Facial Massage Appointments

One of the big “do not do” post care items is opening your mouth wide. It is very important to let the threads settle by not opening your mouth too wide.

Avoid Chewing Gum

Similar to the previous line item, avoid chewing gum for 14 days after your thread lift. Excess tension on the threads with chewing may cause a reduction in the results.

The Threads Will Dissolve Overtime And You Can Extend The Results

You will notice that your results will continue to improve over the few months after your treatment. There will be an immediate lifting effect but the collagen production will continue. Around the 6 month mark, the threads will begin to dissolve. However, the results of the PDO thread lift last for up to 2 years.

At the clinic we use Health Canada Approved PDO threads (Number 87496) which are absorbable and are non-permanent. We do not use permanent threads at this clinic. Book a complimentary aesthetic consult to learn more about this treatment and to see if its the right one for your goals.

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