Take Your Appointment Online

Helix is happy to offer online appointments to all our current and new patients. Experience the same level of care that you would in our clinic, from the comfort of home.

Online appointments available:

New Patient Intakes
Hormone imbalances, digestion, weight loss, stress & more.

Follow Up Appointments
Keep your health on track with a follow up to review your medications, supplements, and symptoms.

Prescription Refills
We can call in prescriptions and have them sent right to your door.

Lab Result Reviews
Lab results are hard to understand so we are here to help review your labs and help you out.

Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching
Our naturopathic doctors can help support you to reach your goals.

Supplement Coaching
Looking for some information on supplements? We can help and we can even ship supplements to your door.

Speak with our counselor from a safe place.

We are able to provide almost all of our services online. It’s quick and easy. Click the link to book your online consult.

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