Therapeutic Botox/Dysport

Therapeutic Botox/Dysport

When people hear the word Botox® they immediately think of cosmetics for wrinkle reduction. However, Botox® was originaly first used for therapeutic purposes and has many medically approved uses that are treated on a daily basis. For some patients, it’s the only treatment that provides long lasting pain relief resulting in an increase in quality of life.

Common Conditions Treated:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • TMJ disorder from grinding and clenching
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) – including underarms, hands, and feet

Migraines: People suffering from chronic pain starting from the neck up may be a candidate for therapeutic Botox®. If you have tried various treatments to reduce pain or you find that the migraines affect your day to day living, it may be a great treatment option that can help you get back to normal day to day function. This does not need a doctors referral.

TMJ: Do you find that your jaw is tight and sore? Has your dentist told you to start wearing a mouth guard? These are both classic signs that your massetter muscle and temporalis muscles are over activated. Softening their ability to clench can help to reduce TMJ pain as well as protect your teeth. Excessive clenching and grinding can lead to tooth damage and even cracking. Be preventative and protect your teeth and TMJ.


Excessive Sweating: It’s not an ideal situation to be constantly sweating through shirts. Not only does it damage shirts, but it can also be embarrasing. Regain your confidence by stopping under arm sweating with a quick 30 minute treatment. While most Botox® treatments have a 3-4 month window, underarms tend to have a 9-12 month activity. Imagine being sweat free for almost a full year.

Because Botox® is being used for a medical purpose, many extended benefits will offer to cover a portion of the costs. Check with your provider to see if therapeutic Botox® may be covered under your plan.

Helix Physicians Providing Therapeutic Botox®:

Dr. Krista Hennigar, ND & Dr. David Hatton, ND

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